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Smart Mobility Hackathon

18 - 19 September 2020


Join us in solving tomorrow's mobility challenges and defining
the “SMART” in smart mobility. 

A time of unprecedented change calls for new innovative solutions in order to create a more efficient, environmentally friendly and safe transportation system in Norway.  

That is why Statens Vegvesen, Entur and StartupLab have joined forces to create the Smart Mobility Hackathon. Through the hackathon we will explore how data (especially traffic data) and new technologies can play a part in building new solutions and solving specific industrial challenges for the mobility and transportation sector.

What is the Smart Mobility Hackathon? 

The Smart Mobility Hackathon is a 24-hour challenge, where the participating teams compete to solve and come up with innovative solutions to challenges regarding Norway's future mobility and transportation systems. The participant will get access to a variety of relevant data and industrial challenges in order to innovate, solve and build new solutions.  

Why is this important?
Social changes in the last twenty years have greatly altered how and why we use the transport system; shifts over the next twenty years will likely be even more significant.

This time around we are better equipped to handle the shift. Our tool box has been substantially upgraded with new technology and data. We want to see how we can use this to contribute to simpler and more efficient commuting, the fulfilment of Norway's climate and environmental goals and more efficient use of technology.


Who can participate?

The hackathon is for everyone interested in mobility, both technical and non-technical is urged to apply. 

You can apply both as a team or an individual. If you already have a team of superstars, great! If not, apply as individual and we will assign you to a team that fits your skills and interets.

We highly encourage startups within the mobility field to join and showcase how you can contribute solving some of the mobility challenges we are facing. 

We challenge corporates and consultancies working with mobility to join and challenge yourself and your team on a new challenge. This is a great team building acitivity! 

Who is behind?

The Smart Mobility Hackathon is initatied by Statens Vegvesen together with StartupLab and Entur. 

The goal for the hackathon is to encourge new innovations and solutions within the mobility space based on the goals from the ambitious National Transport Plan 2050.

Norway is already on the forefront of the mobility relovution and access to mobility data has never been better! Based on this, we picked out 3 themes and 9 challenges that calls for disruption.

Why join?
24 hours of challenging fun, good food and get to meeting new people. Get access to mentors, data and challenges!  

All participating teams will get the opportunity to pitch your ideas and solutions to the management of Statens Vegvesen and Entur. 


Gaustadalléen 21, 0349 Oslo